How to Protect Your Vehicles Against Theft With Thatcham-Approved Insurance Trackers

Vehicle theft is a nightmare car owners have to live with every day. Especially with the rising theft numbers all over the UK, vehicle owners have a right to be worried about the security of their vehicles. However, they are not completely helpless against the notorious criminals roaming the streets for a quick score. With the help of technology, tech-savvy thieves might seem to get the upper hand against car owners but Rewire Security Insurance Tracking Devices can ensure that your vehicle is safe against theft regardless of the tools and skills criminals may have at their disposal.

Approved by the Thatcham Research Centre, Rewire Security Insurance Tracking Devices can protect your vehicles against any attempts made against your vehicle. Should a criminal tamper with your vehicle or tries to drive away with it, insurance trackers onboard the vehicle alerts the monitoring centre and initiate a level 1 police response upon confirmation with the owners. The sensitive sensors onboard our Thatcham approved insurance tracking devices detects unauthorised movements and ignition attempts that are made without the proper driver recognition tags. Some of our tracking devices even prevent the engine from starting without the presence of driver ID tags. 

Rewire Security Insurance Trackers have an astonishing 96% stolen vehicle recovery rate which means your vehicle is safer than ever. With an impenetrable security system and multiple alerts in place, no thief can so much as move your vehicle without alerting you and our alarm centre. Our Insurance Trackers are armed with advanced features such as 24/7 surveillance, immobilisation, driver ID tags and many more to ensure that your vehicle stays where its supposed to be, at all times.

How To Work Smarter With GPS Tracking


In the age of computers, mobile devices and apps, it’s time for all businesses to adopt the latest GPS technology to locate their drivers in real-time, lower fuel costs, manage driver behavior, ensure on-time deliveries and to improve the security of vehicle fleets. GPS Tracking will bring your business one step ahead of your competitors.

Improving the Security of Vehicle With GPS Technology

Global Positioning System or GPS as we know it was originally launched in the 1970's and primarily designed for use as a military navigation system. The system uses the satellites orbiting the Earth in space to help receivers on the ground to determine to location of objects anywhere in the world. Following the availability of GPS for civilian use after President Ronald Reagan's executive order, the accuracy of GPS tremendously improved and the system is now being used in almost every aspect of our lives. 

Security firms and tech companies quickly realized the potential of GPS to be used locating and keep tracking of objects as well as people. Tracking stolen objects, protecting family members and improving the security of assets are only a few of the purposes GPS tracking devices are used for today. Car theft rates have been a major problem for owners when the GPS technology was first introduced. However, with the rise of vehicle tracking technology, vehicle owners can protect their beloved cars with the help of their advanced features and GPS technology. For theft prevention and retrieval of a stolen car, vehicle tracking devices have no rival on the market. Now, with the latest innovations and added sensors, vehicle tracking systems are one of the most effective security systems for cars.

Vehicle GPS tracking systems are equipped with sophisticated features such as real-time tracking, geofence zones, sensors and event alerts to help owners keep an eye on their vehicles and get notified about theft attempts on their vehicle. Geofence zones are virtual boundaries users can create on the map around specific locations such as a garage or a parking lot. Everytime the tracking device enters or leaves one of the predetermined zones, it sends an alert to the owner notifying about the breach. In case someone moves a car without its owner's knowledge and there is an active geofence zone around the location of the vehicle, they will be immediately notified allowing them to call the police or the rush to the location of the car.

Sensitive motion and tamper sensors also prevent a potential thief to try to break into the car or move it. If a thief manages to get past all the security measures and steal a car, the owners can pinpoint the location of the vehicle with a smartphone or a PC in a matter of minutes. By informing the police and providing the exact location of the car with constant updates, owners can recover their car safe and sound. Vehicle tracking systems offer people the unique ability to monitor the location and the movements of their vehicle at all times. With multiple alerts and constant location updates, no thief can so much as move a car without its owner's consent and that makes vehicle tracking devices the best at what they do; providing utmost security for vehicles.

The Key to A Safer Fleet: Driver Behavior Monitoring

Unfortunately, over 80 of car accidents are related to driver behavior. Vehicle accidents are the main cause of fatalities and injuries in traffic. They also result in legal and insurance costs. Reckless behavior such as speeding, harsh acceleration and swerving through lanes put nearby drivers at risk. Many people don’t even realize that they are high-risk drivers. Dozens of surveys show that recognizing dangerous driving behavior can be a strong motivator for drivers to improve their driving habits. Also, when people see the direct relationship between reckless driving or they know that their behavior is being monitored, their driving improves.

Keep an eye on driver attitude – As the driver is aware of being monitored by the owner from a remote location, he always keeps a check on his behavior. Thus, you will not have to face the complaints regarding his dealings with the client or for rash driving. In case, you find the driver to drive carelessly, you can warn him and alert him.

Lesser accidents – By installing a tracker to monitor driver behavior, you will be able to keep a check on how acts on the wheels and save him from accidents. In most of the cases, GPS devices alert the drivers of reckless driving so that they can avoid any potential accidents. GPS devices also help managers guide drivers through the shortest route so that they can reach their destination in time without having to break speed limits.

Fuel economy – When you have a driver behavior monitoring device in the car, you can rest assured that the employees will be driving at optimum fuel efficiency as they would not be able to make intentional delays or take longer routes. There is no need to call the driver to ask his whereabouts. Just check their location and calculate their ETA.

The ability to identify and track individual drivers—as opposed to only vehicles—and to keep a detailed record of each driver’s behavior is crucial. Without personal data, it will be much more difficult to detect and address patterns of unwanted driver behavior. Fleet management systems provide fast, simple ways for drivers to log in using either onboard hardware or a mobile app, or be assigned to vehicles through the application software.

With a system that provides detailed personal driver behavior reports, management can identify both the safest and the riskiest drivers, and implement rules or corrective measures based on the established standards of the driver safety program. Having thorough documentation of unsafe behavior can prove especially critical when organizations are compelled to take serious disciplinary action against dangerous drivers—or when they are threatened with lawsuits or required to testify about their involvement with accidents. By monitoring commercial drivers, costly transportation events may be avoided.

Vehicle Safety: Advantages of GPS Tracking Devices

All car owners worry about the safety of their cars. With the theft statistics on the rise, even with the modern technology it is getting harder and harder to secure your vehicle. But with the help of GPS trackers, you can implement additional security measures and make sure to recover your vehicle in the event of a theft. Real-time GPS tracking devices are a great way to improve the safety of vehicles.

No matter how much you spend on alarm systems, steering locks or similar protective measures, an experienced thief can get past them with the right tools and given enough time. However, with a GPS tracking system in place, there are multiple layers of security measures that a thief needs to get past before even trying to get away with your vehicle such as shock sensor, movement sensor and geofence alerts. Vehicles are rather expensive and a tracking device is a small price to pay for constant protection and the additional security layers.

So how does a GPS tracking device work? Global Positioning System or GPS is a worldwide satellite system formed from the constellation of 24 satellites in orbit and the ground stations. It is funded and controlled by the US military and the system was initially designed to provide intel to the United States armed forces. However after the unfortunate incident in 1983, in which the Soviets shot down a Korean airline plane for entering the Soviet airspace, President Ronald Reagan issued an executive order for allowing the public use of the GPS system. All location-based applications and devices use the GPS technology that was solely available for US military before the incident. 

GPS tracking systems provide the exact location of your vehicle with a margin error of only 1 meter. You can use the route history to view the routes taken, vehicle speed and direction. Real-time tracking feature allows the user to recover a stolen vehicle in a matter of minutes. With the push of a few buttons, you can locate your vehicle and alert the authorities to recover it quickly and safely.

Parking your car in remote places or for long periods of time presents a security risk. A thief may notice your regular spots and parking timelines and may try to steal your car. Geofence zone feature is extremely useful in such a situation. Geofence zone is a virtual boundary you can setup anywhere on the map. You can assign notifications for entering and leaving a geofence zone and in case of a thief is successful in gettting past your security measures and gets away with your vehicle; you will be immediately notified and take necessary action.

As you can see, GPS tracking devices have numerous advantages to increase the security of a car and prevent a theft attempt. Having total control over your vehicle's security is reason enough to install a tracking device to your vehicle.