Vehicle Safety: Advantages of GPS Tracking Devices

All car owners worry about the safety of their cars. With the theft statistics on the rise, even with the modern technology it is getting harder and harder to secure your vehicle. But with the help of GPS trackers, you can implement additional security measures and make sure to recover your vehicle in the event of a theft. Real-time GPS tracking devices are a great way to improve the safety of vehicles.

No matter how much you spend on alarm systems, steering locks or similar protective measures, an experienced thief can get past them with the right tools and given enough time. However, with a GPS tracking system in place, there are multiple layers of security measures that a thief needs to get past before even trying to get away with your vehicle such as shock sensor, movement sensor and geofence alerts. Vehicles are rather expensive and a tracking device is a small price to pay for constant protection and the additional security layers.

So how does a GPS tracking device work? Global Positioning System or GPS is a worldwide satellite system formed from the constellation of 24 satellites in orbit and the ground stations. It is funded and controlled by the US military and the system was initially designed to provide intel to the United States armed forces. However after the unfortunate incident in 1983, in which the Soviets shot down a Korean airline plane for entering the Soviet airspace, President Ronald Reagan issued an executive order for allowing the public use of the GPS system. All location-based applications and devices use the GPS technology that was solely available for US military before the incident. 

GPS tracking systems provide the exact location of your vehicle with a margin error of only 1 meter. You can use the route history to view the routes taken, vehicle speed and direction. Real-time tracking feature allows the user to recover a stolen vehicle in a matter of minutes. With the push of a few buttons, you can locate your vehicle and alert the authorities to recover it quickly and safely.

Parking your car in remote places or for long periods of time presents a security risk. A thief may notice your regular spots and parking timelines and may try to steal your car. Geofence zone feature is extremely useful in such a situation. Geofence zone is a virtual boundary you can setup anywhere on the map. You can assign notifications for entering and leaving a geofence zone and in case of a thief is successful in gettting past your security measures and gets away with your vehicle; you will be immediately notified and take necessary action.

As you can see, GPS tracking devices have numerous advantages to increase the security of a car and prevent a theft attempt. Having total control over your vehicle's security is reason enough to install a tracking device to your vehicle.